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"A Keen-Eyed Observer of the Bangkok Night" - Chris Coles       


Chris Coles is an artist and filmmaker who lives in Los Angeles and Bangkok.  He is one of the first artists to explore the world of the Bangkok Night.  His paintings, in the Expressionist style, are jagged emotional portraits, revealing a raw and primitive layer of the human experience.

Chris grew up on the coast of Maine and after graduating from Brown University, received a Watson Fellowship to spend a year living in the Bajuni Islands off the coast of East Africa where he made a series of voyages up and down the coast in Swahili trading dhows.  He has lived and worked in Europe, North America, Asia, the South Pacific, Australia and Greenland.

Chris is also a graduate of the British National Film and Television School and has taken art courses at the Otis School in Los Angeles.  Among the films he has worked on are CHAPLIN (directed by Richard Attenborough and starring Robert Downey Jr.), L.A. STORY (directed by Mick Jackson and starring Steve Martin), RAINBOW WAR and BALLET ROBOTIQUE (both nominated for Academy Awards as best dramatic short), CUTTHROAT ISLAND (directed by Renee Harlin and starring Geena Davis), ROAD TO WELLVILLE (directed by Alan Parker and starring Anthony Hopkins), ROSARY MURDERS (directed by Fred Walton and starring Donald Sutherland, Charles Durning), the SUPERMAN films (directed by Richard Donner, Richard Lester, Jeannot Szwarc and starring Christopher Reeve, Gene Hackman and Richard Pryor), OUT COLD (directed by Malcolm Mowbray and starring John Lithgow, Teri Garr), the tv series SIRENS (directed by Robert Butler and starring Jayne Brook) and many more.