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NAVIGATING THE BANGKOK NOIR, a beautifully printed book of Chris Coles paintings from the Bangkok Night is now available worldwide. 












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"Bangkok, also known as Krung Thep or the City of Angels, is an almost-perfect setting for noir fiction, films, music and paintings, and the artistic movement known as Bangkok Noir. Between the gangsters, the beautiful girls, the vibrant nightlife and the gigantic scale of the city itself, full of its diverse millions and their struggles, the lurid and colorful world of Bangkok's
notorious nightlife is brought to life in Chris Coles' series of Expressionist-style paintings. Broad, sweeping lines and strong, contrasting colors dominate in these artworks, portraying a chaotic, edgy world of colliding intention and misplaced desire -- lives out of balance, male-female compulsion, alienation and disassociation. At once beautiful and frightening, this collection of paintings is a vibrant celebration of psychedelic Bangkok and its many shades of noir."

"Chris Coles is an artist and filmmaker who divides his time between Bangkok and the coast of Maine. His Expressionist-style paintings are jagged emotional portraits that reveal a raw and primitive layer of the human experience. After graduating from Brown University, Chris received a Watson Fellowship to spend a year living in the Bajuni Islands off the coast of East Africa. He is also a graduate of the British National Film School and has taken art courses at the Otis School in Los Angeles. Films he has worked on include Chaplin, L.A. Story, Rainbow War, Sirens, Cutthroat Island and Superman."

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Chris Coles is an artist and filmmaker who lives in Los Angeles and Bangkok, Thailand.  His paintings, in the Expressionist style, are jagged emotional portraits, revealing a raw and primitive layer of the human experience.  They are part of the Expressionist movement which has its roots in the Germany of the early 1900's.  

Many of the European Expressionists experienced the slaughter of the First World War at close hand and they often viewed the world as an edgy, dangerous place filled with ill-intention and alienation, mankind directly linked to a primordial past of predatory ancestors roaming primal swamps, forests and plains where bugs, reptiles and animals, the plants and the earth itself were caught up in a constant and endless struggle to devour, reproduce, evolve and survive.  

The Expressionists often painted their vision with dark lines and clashing colors rather than the soft images and harmonious tones of the Impressionists who preceded them.  Their paintings were disconcerting and sometimes offensive, more harsh than pretty.  The goal was to prod and wake up rather than induce a state of aesthetique relaxation.

The paintings of George Grosz, Emil Nolde, James Ensor, Max Pechstein, Oscar Kokoschka, Alexei von Jawlensky, Egon Schiele, Ernst Kirchner, Max Beckman and Otto Dix often shocked and were sometimes banned.  In the 1930's, Hitler ordered many of them destroyed as degrading and degenerate.  Along with Stalin, he wanted only positive realist paintings of the ideal and shining man, a sunlit world filled with uplifting thoughts.  In their way of thinking, the actual brutality of their lives, actions and times was not a proper subject for art.

But almost a hundred years later, the insight and brilliance of the Expressionist vision lives on, true to the ongoing struggle and clash of human existence on a planet in constant and violent transformation, expressed in strong colors and distorted lines, swirling patterns, allowing us a glimpse into the true nature of our lives and our world as they actually are, not as we would wish them to be.

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